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How to design online using our dedicated online label designer

We have created an online designer app that you can use to design high quality labels and stickers. It's easy to use and creates high quality artwork ready to print.

Select Design Online

Step 1 - Select Design Online from the artwork menu

On any of our product pages, you will see on the right side of the page that you can customise your labels/stickers. To create a design using our online label designer, simply select Design Online from the Your Artwork menu. You will then have a popup with the designer appear.

Design Your Label

Step 2 - Design your label

Once the designer window has appeared, you can customise your label/sticker. There are options to upload images, add text and change background colours. The designer works out all the sizes and resolution for you, enabling you to concentrate on the design. Once you have your label looking as you require, simply click Save Design to see the online proof preview.

You will want to ensure you keep all elements that do not bleed off the page within the green dotted line, this is the safe margin. If there are any elements that go off the edge of the label, ensure they reach the red line.

Approve your proof

Step 3 - Approve your proof

Once you have saved your design, you will need to double check it looks as intended. You will be presented with a proof screen. If there are any amendments to be made, click the change Design button. If not, hit Approved.

Add to the shopping cart

Step 4 - Add the order to the shopping cart

After you have approved your proof, you will need to select all the product options from the product attributes menu. Once all correct, add your design to the cart. You will see the image within the shopping cart that you have designed. If there is no image, something has gone wrong and you will need to edit the design again. If all looks good, proceed through the checkout to order your amazingly designed labels.