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Quality thick 350gsm business cards perfect for your business. Printed digitally on top of the range Konica Minolta printing presses in full colour CMYK.


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350gsm Coated

If you choose the this material, you’ll receive a printed card with great colour and smooth texture. With it’s perfect  whiteness the material prints brilliantly, it’s one of the highest quality materials in terms of print reproduction. This material is Carbon Neutral and FSC certified which means that it’s sourced from sustainable forests.

350gsm Recycled

Our recycled material is a smooth particle board that prints almost as well as a normal coated board. If you want to help the environment by printing only 100% post consumer waste then these are your perfect companion. Colours and detail down to the smallest font sizes are achievable on this media.


Please use the templates in Adobe Illustrator. You will be presented with the correct margins when you open the document.